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87 Gemafreie Musiktitel
91 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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4. Eternal Shift 04:23

Slow, driving beat, atmospheric ambient electronic new age piece with an ethnic flair. Heavy bass synth and drums with mysterious, lush pads/layers, Native American Lakota flute melodies, distant shamanic vocals. Good 4 nature scenes & spacious visuals, & many things mysterious & tribal.

Eternal Shift
8. Before Time 06:44

Dark and atmospheric, this work has moody drones/pads, ambient electronic textures, shamanic didgeridoo calls, and a primal, driving drum beat. Perfect for many nature docs, dramatic, tension-mounting, mysterious or tribal scenes.

Before Time
14. Temple Of Darkness 01:14

Prächtiger und verherrlichender Orchester-Track mit Live-Chor. Königlich, majestätisch und ehrfurchtgebietend, dieser dramatische Trailer ist bestens für harten Sport in bewegten Bildern, Fantasy oder Science-Fiction-, Kriegs-und Machtkämpfe, Aufstände und mehr geeignet.

Temple Of Darkness

Funky, cheeky house/disco grooves with attitude, Combines some of the 1970's disco feel with house / dance beats of the 2000's and beyond, A bit raunchy, sexy, with a fresh, funky, confident strut, Fashion, hot club, retro chic, sizzling and pumping dance floor,

Disco Down (Underscore Version)

Fat and fresh alternative rock similar to, say, some of harder Nickelback work. Uplifting and optimistic. Suitable for sports footage, downhill, skating or parachuting, racing, base jumping, any action packed footage really. The track alternates between 'down and dirty', gritty guitar riffs representing a free spirit, untamed and living the wild life.

Juiced Up (Underscore Version)
87 Gemafreie Musiktitel
91 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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