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1. Deepest Core 05:05

Percolating sequencial synths with warm pads/layers & textures, & distant shaman voices to make this dreamy, hypnotic, ambient electronic work. Good for space scenes or under ocean nature docs, sci-fi love stories and more.

Deepest Core
2. Eternal Shift 04:23

Slow, driving beat, atmospheric ambient electronic new age piece with an ethnic flair. Heavy bass synth and drums with mysterious, lush pads/layers, Native American Lakota flute melodies, distant shamanic vocals. Good 4 nature scenes & spacious visuals, & many things mysterious & tribal.

Eternal Shift

dark, atmospheric, epic soundtrack with mysterious chord swell/pads/layers, deep thunderous bassy taiko & frame drum track, trippy electronic accents & hypnotic, distant ethnic vocal chants. Other worldy, slightly tense and ominous but meditative and surreal. Great 4 many scenes needing mystery

Underground Current
4. Before Time 06:44

Dark and atmospheric, this work has moody drones/pads, ambient electronic textures, shamanic didgeridoo calls, and a primal, driving drum beat. Perfect for many nature docs, dramatic, tension-mounting, mysterious or tribal scenes.

Before Time
5. Trip In Time 06:27

 Dark, looming pads overlay the time warp reverse rhythm track. Trippy, other worldy sound bed for anything spinning, moving fast or blurry. Kaleidoscopic interweaving textures with continual drone. Sci-fi, nature, industrial, corporate, space, mechanical, dreamy

Trip In Time
6. Chase The Moment 05:13

Dark, mysterious, hypnotic ambient electronic piece with trippy atmospheric rhythm track, obscure, ethereal chords/pads, repeating acoustic guitar loop/riff, and shamanic vocal chants in the distance. Good 4 nature docs, mysteries, sci-fi, cultural, travel and space visuals.

Chase The Moment
7. After Hours 08:48

 Dreamy, atmospheric, new age ambient electronic piece. Minimal and meditative. Perfect for star gazing, visions of space, nature, slow drama, romance, and heart wrenching scenes. Moods of serenity, love, loss, memories & hope. Breathing pads/chords. Good for yoga, dreaming, meditation.

After Hours

Starts out with terror/nightmare pads/chords to set up the atmosphere. Soon, hybrid/synthetic drums come in for an erotic, supercharged, sinister feeling. Ends up evolving into a sort of new age/ambient electronic piece with a cool under-current groove and Native American Flute calls. Long and unique

Touching The Space
11. Crossing Over 03:19

Very minimal, dreamy, ethereal atmosphere with soft calling flute tones and mellow drones, ending with distant Native American Flute calls. Very meditative, expansive, spacious and serene. Perfect for visuals of nature, space, oceans, and documentaries

Crossing Over
13. Blue Room 07:48

Trippy, obscure, psychological soundworld with whisper voices, dissonant chords, and ethereal tones. Sounds like a drifting nightmare. dreamy, other worldy, ethereal, mysterious, surreal & dark. Perfect atmosphere for the right visuals needing scary, hypnotic, trance inducing, spacious music

Blue Room

Hypnotic ambient electronic atmospheric soundscape with slow, rhythmic arppegiating poly tones and other worldy sounds and effects. Dark and surreal but trance inducing and somewhat psychedelic. Perfect for many visuals esp. nature docs and/or planetary, space scenes.

Beneath The Surface

tropical, ethnic, tribal percussion/drum track with atmospheric soundbeds and shamanic vocal chants. Perfect for travel, Docs, anything tropical, island music, or a scene requiring a sexy, trance-inducing, move your hips kinda vibe. A little dark, but very exotic and erotic.

Calling The Spirits
16. Dream Spaces 08:37

Atmospheres of a cold wind and dreams. Swirling textures and quiet, ambient layers mix and melt as the listener is enveloped into a womb-like cocoon and shown secrets from the dream world. Very minimal, meditative and a little mysterious/obscure. Good for yoga and sleep as well as visuals of space.

Dream Spaces
17. 1000 Candles 08:43

Similar to Steve Reich, Phillip Glass & Steve Roach, this mesmerizing, hypnotic, ambient, surreal piece has interweaving, sequencer driven, analog synth hyper-arpegiating kaleidoscope textures, dark, mysterious pads/chords,drones. Good 4 sci-fi, space, atmospheres. Picture a thousand lit candles.

1000 Candles

breathing, tender, atmospheric new age soundscape with dreamy pads/layers, celestial voices and distant vocal shamanic chants. Very ethereal, floating and serene. Meditation space music. Good for space scenes or even romantic dramas or love.

Through The Looking Glass
19. Urge To Merge 06:13

Battle readying cowboys & Indians music with thick atmosphere ominous pads, heavy, driving tribal rhythm track, distant shamanic vocal chants, Native American Lakota flute calls, & thunderous bass pulses. Good 4 westerns, tribal, travel, dark ethnic themes, nature docs & hot, fire desert scenes.

Urge To Merge
23. Another Dawn 04:22

Dark, tribal, primal ambient electronic piece with percolating, synthetic subtle rhythm track, mysterious drones/pads, sinister theme and distant gutteral voices. Trippy, quietly ominous, slow tension, scary background soundtrack. Good for mysteries, horror, drama, nature docs, sci-fi,

Another Dawn
24. Clearing The Space 03:49

Dreamy, serene, atmospheric new age piece with ambient electronics. Warm, inviting, relaxing, spacious, slow & positive. Space music. visuals of stars, planets, ocean depths and expansive vistas

Clearing The Space
25. At The Border 03:47

Atmospheric & mysterious swampy bayou flavored piece with slide lap steel guitars, and surreal, dreamy, spacious atmospheres & textures. Good for canoe on the river or cowboy western scenes, nature docs, star gazing, meditation.

At The Border
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