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78 Gemafreie Musiktitel
80 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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This sneaky and lightly comedic soundtrack has sudden mood changes shifting back and forth from mysterious suspense to playful curiosity. Well suited for humorous cross cutting scenes, cartoons, animation, kids programs, whodunit capers, and more.

Playing Detective
5. Boogie Night 02:27

A hot blooded and sexy, swaying, slow surf-rock track with 1960's guitar style. Very Tarantino'esque. Perhaps a strip bar, dirty nightclub, or just a very hot femme fatale -- Irresistable... but dangerous.

Boogie Night
7. Daybreak 03:18

A moody and atmospheric ambient piece with ethereal pads and ambient slide guitar. Soft, yet deep and evocative, like an unfolding story or a magnificent sunrise. The track has a slight sense of ethnic mystery or the ancient world, maybe India. Very dreamy, reflective and rich on atmosphere, perhaps something spiritual.

12. Time to Breathe 06:50

Langanhaltende und wohltuende Entspannung durch luftige Pads, ein paar Klaviernoten, Akustikgitarre und ätherische Arpeggien. Geeignet für Entspannung, Yoga, Reiki, Heilung, Spa-Behandlung, Pilates, Meditation, etc.

Time to Breathe
14. Courtroom Entrance 00:28

A slow and solemn orchestral soundtrack with a stately and processional feel evoking a day of reckoning atmosphere full of apprehension. Good for courtroom dramas, military tribunals and more. With a mysterious, “to be continued” style ending.

Courtroom Entrance
23. Ethereal Journey 02:52

Dieser Track bewegt sich atmosphärisch, schwebend und leicht zwischen Electronica und Chillout und besteht aus einem dezenten Beat, weiten Pads und leicht verspielten Synths. Erzeugt eine friedliche Atmosphäre und ist perfekt für Technik, Business und Produktpräsentationen.

Ethereal Journey - Gemafreie Musik
78 Gemafreie Musiktitel
80 (GEMA-Repertoire)
1 von 7