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Musik von Jeremy Sherman


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A Hot Club of France style jazzy piece where the first 30 seconds are in jazzy ballad style, and then the tempo picks up with acoustic riffing on the 8ths. Charming, warm and irresistable. The underscore and the shorter versions omit the ballad opening and go straight to the main part.

Paris St Germain (Underscore Version)

A charming, slowish Ska in minor key with a nosey trumpet lead line, slightly comic. There is also an underscore version without the trumpet, which is great as a background groove, has more of a reggae feel, and shows off the cool bass line.

Rainy Day Ska (Underscore Version)
8. Flatback Ford 02:43

Slow to mid-tempo American country rock featuring Dobro, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel guitar, bass and drums. Melodic and swinging, this is a wonderfully genuine, authentic country track with elements of folk, bluegrass and Americana.

Flatback Ford
14. Dacha Polka 02:13

Uptempo Polka im russisch oder jüdischem Stil. Akkordeon, Bouzouki und Stimmen vor Nylon-Gitarren, Bass und Schlagzeug. Könnte ein jüdisches Fest, tradtionelle griechische oder russische Folklore, Zigeunermusik oder osteuropäische Volksmusik sein. Auch als Underscore-Version erhältlich, ohne die melodieführenden Hauptinstrumente, nur mit dem Background Groove.

Dacha Polka
22. Log On 01:34

A funky mid-tempo theme-tune track featuring horns, guitars and a wah-wah solo. Very uplifting, colorful and highly suitable for a TV game show, talk show or any other television program.

Log On
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