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Django Reinhardt


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Vintage / classical style acoustic guitar jazz, Easy going, relaxed and somewhat playful, this track is both 'bluesy', happy and romantic, Historical, traditional jazz or Americana, D'jango / Hot club of France, old time bar, restaurant or dance hall, Visions of 1910-1950 New York,

3. Hot Tubbin' 02:07

Gypsy Jazz / Hot Club of France style, acoustic jazz in the style of D'jango etc, Vintage / historical jazz with a happy, playful mood, Acoustic guitars, upright bass, piano, subtle jazz drums,

An acoustic country / folk / bluegrass track featuring acoustic guitar and acoustic bass, Mid-tempo, fun and charming with a real down home country feel, Slight 'hot club of france' jazz feel on the rhythm,

8. She Sure Is Nice 01:26

Swinging, classic jazz / retro jazz, This fun and charming track takes a surprising turn after about 40 seconds, with a playful violin enters in gypsy jazz style, Fun and cheeky, Nice for historical and novelty projects,

1 Gemafreie Musiktitel
10 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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