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1. Ragtime 03:02

Energetic twenties style jazz played by a live ensemble of guitars, clarinet and bass. This lively up-tempo track is a cross between a charleston dance and the music of Django Reindhart.

2. Lone Clarinet 01:21

Solo clarinet bathed in reverb gives a spacious and a slightly melancholic ambience to this emotive track. Lonely reflection surrounds you as the melodies and phrases quietly weave their way through the ether to join you.

Lone Clarinet

A didgeridoo sample repeats over and over inducing a hypnotic state as light percussion dances around in this atmospheric track. Simple and effect it really produces a feeling that you're in the Outback.

How Do You Didgeridoo?
4. Tango Francaise 01:05

A mix of tango and French chic, this flowing track lead by clarinet backed by accordion will whisk you away into a flowing dance. Upbeat and lively with plenty of energy, this piece is sultry and romantic with one thing on it's mind.

Tango Francaise
5. M D Blues 01:56

Leichter und hüpfender Blues. Dieser mittlere Track beginnt mit einem einzigen Altsaxophon, das die Lead-Melodie spielt. Beim Wiederholen schließen sich weitere Saxophone an, um ein üppiges Ensemble zu bilden, das Harmonien spielt, bevor jeder Spieler sein Solo hat. Auftakt und erhebend.

M D Blues

Foot tapping feelgood jazz. A quintet of clarinet, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums give this track a wonderfully fresh Summer's day outlook. Swinging and jolly, this upbeat music will bring a smile to your face on any day.

Come Swing With Me
9. Soho Night 00:41

Boppy sax with a hint of nervousness and tension. Short and fast it almost has the sense of a chase or a need for urgent action. Frantic and bustling, this track is great for short jazzy interludes or commercials needing a contemporary jazz soundtrack.

Soho Night
10. Alto Bossa 02:12

Sensual sax melodies against a medium bossa rhythm allow this latin lounge track flow nicely. Conjures up images of a late night meeting with a loved one. Sax has a solo but never strays from the subdued feeling or delicate melody.

Alto Bossa
11. Alto Leaps 01:39

Improvised be-bop track featuring just alto sax and light drum accompaniment. The sax lines leap up and down in a cascade of phrases producing a sense of rushing and struggling against a current in this lively track.

Alto Leaps
12. Walking With Paul 01:02

Laid back clarinet strolls along to soft piano chords with sweet melodies. A simple walking bass and very light drum accompaniment helps make the track glide along with comfortable relaxation. Very warm and tender.

Walking With Paul
13. Let's Holiday 02:03

Rhythmical steel drums and bouncy bass provide a joyous backing for this happy calypso. Steel drums take the main melody line whilst a sax punches in and out of the track with playful phrases. Celebration in the West Indies.

Let's Holiday

Sweet solo guitar intro guides us into an ultra smooth bossa nova. A quintet of sax, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums wrap us up in warm and sensual melodies whilst the guitar and sax have their own cool solo spots.

Let Me Get Into Your Heart
15. Crazy Sax 01:38

Jazz quartet of alto sax, piano, bass and drums drive forward in this energetic be-bop piece. Up-tempo and upbeat, the piano and bass provide a constant pattern to give a very mechanical and industrial feel whilst the sax solos creatively over the top.

Crazy Sax
16. Call me now 05:01

Tenor sax takes the lead in this mellow latin jazz. Fast and energetic, the track drives forward with an up-tempo pace and allows the guitar and sax players to reach out with creative melodies to the rhythmic accompaniment.

Call me now
17. Native Thoughts 01:41

Tuned percussion helps provide a mellow backing for sax melodies. A crossover of world music, jazz and with a hint of suspicion, this track can sound tribal, jazzy and full of suspense at the same time.

Native Thoughts
18. Clarillax 01:37

A clarinet ensemble creates a wonderfully atmospheric track which sings through the darkness in a slightly sad and melancholic way. A bass clarinet underlies the falling arpeggios as high melodies and phrases drift in and out during the piece.

19. Virtuoso 01:06

Frantic harpsichords with quick riffs create a hasty feel to this upbeat track. Timpani drums emphasise the urgency as you are driven forward with the tempo. Great for sequences requiring lots of movement and activity.

20. Viva Fiesta 06:03

Alto sax, guitar, bass and light latin drum accompaniment create a soothing atmosphere. Perfect for reflection on events with friends and a cocktail or two at the end of a hectic day. Sways along at a relaxed pace and contains a sweet guitar solo.

Viva Fiesta
22. Coronation 00:33

A pipe organ sound with lots of reverb creates a very important feel to this short track. A fast melody is accompanied by long and prominent bass notes. Great for movement or for the best state occasions.

23. Latin Lope 01:36

A bright flute skips and whirls with high notes during this improvised piece which is kept to a regular latin beat by conga percussion and light bass and electric piano accompaniment. Medium tempo with lively and quick flute melodies.

Latin Lope
24. City Dawn 01:16

Electric piano riffs and arpeggios create a swirling, falling sensation whilst a soprano sax fades in and out with subtle lines over the top of this light track. A time for contemplation with a hint of sadness.

City Dawn
25. Contemplation 01:46

Synth chords wash over you with mellow reflection. A time for quiet thought and contemplation. This spacious track sometimes feels like it is trapped in a void, an expanse of serenity, but it is always calm and subtle.

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