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Combining elements of Pop, R&B, Funk, Soul and House, this is a mid-tempo, positive, groove track, The lack of any really outstanding solo / melody makes it good for background and media use, Uplifting and positive, without being too flowery, Strong, danceable groove, Suitable for city life, fashion & style, modern lifestyle, technology, uptempo lounge, fun in the sun, etc,


Black Mountain


Beginnt mit subtilen, geheimnisvollen Glocken und steigert sich zu einer gewaltigen und großartigen Orchestrierung. Geeignet für Fantasy-, Science-Fiction, Krieg und Konflikt-, Film-Trailer, Film oder Spiel Intro Szenen, immer bereit für den Kampf, etc. Live-Orchester!


uncle weird


cool, sexy, smokey,laid back, slightly fun & twisted, jazz-tinged track. soundtrack to a big diamond heist.. or the arrival of your estranged & 'unusual' uncle, the black sheep of the family who puts everyone on edge with his bizarre eccentricities. groovy staccato string bass combines with a lazy feel.

Dark, dangerous, powerful forces. Rising up, majestic, like a horde of warriors or a fleet of warships. Threatening. Perhaps also pirates, pirate ship, or a religious cult, sect, religious ritual, sacrifice, black magic etc. Orchestra and choir, joined by rock drums from 00:40.


Fade To Black


Dunkler, dramatischer, monolitischer und dichter Orchester Soundtrack. Kolossale Perkussion, Chor, Bläser und Streicher Stabs. Eingewoben ist auch ein elektronischer Techno-Beat, der das Ganze zusätzlich unterstützt. Sehr dramatisch, mit sich steigernden Chorgesängen,alles nimmt zu und steuert auf den Höhepunkt am Ende hin. Sehr gut geeignet für Kino-Trailer, Action, Intro-Sequenzen, dramatische Aufnahmen, Kriegs- und Kampfszenen oder auch für Extremsportarten.


' X '

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Simply epic bouncy guitar groove based track that puts you in a trance with it's repetitive but irresistible and unstoppable beat. Heavy funk rock of a kind. Intense, catchy, melodic and at times, very heavy indeed. Like Black Sabbath jamming with the Mahavishnu Orchestra..with BB King playing along for good measure. There's even some bagpipes in the mid breakdown. What more could you possibly want?!


Heroin high


A somber suspenseful track featuring rhythmic patterns evolving sound bed, sound design leaving you with a sense of worry and anxiety. Feels like expecting something unknown to happen. Imagine time passing by in nervousness or a confused and helpless stupor while a black clouded storm approaches.

50 Gemafreie Musiktitel
92 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1        von 6