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23 tracks found with the tag "Dew"

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13 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Paris St Germain


A Hot Club of France style jazzy piece where the first 30 seconds are in jazzy ballad style, and then the tempo picks up with acoustic riffing on the 8ths. Charming, warm and irresistable. The underscore and the shorter versions omit the ballad opening and go straight to the main part.




Relaxed, calming and gentle minimalist track with acoustic guitars, echoed piano, choirs and strings. Think a crisp winters morning or calm blue ocean. Dew would work well in scenic spots or any spot where a relaxed tone is required. Dew evokes a sense of longing and of times passed.

Serene piano melodies backed by a soft synth pad and lush string sounds. Spacious and calm, this tranquil track has a cool edge to aid relaxation, reflection and meditation. Light cymbal rolls add a very subtle percussive touch to this delicate piece.




Dark, sinister, determined, intensely powerfully epic, spacey, grinder rock track. has a menacing atmosphere built by heavy guitars mixing with massive drum grooves & spacious synth textures. would suit extreme sports/horror/action/thriller projects. potent stuff!

10 tracks, not registered with a PRO
13 tracks, registered with a PRO