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Drama containing hope for symphonic orchestra with scary glissandos, strings, choir and whispering, Col Legno strings stabs that all create a threatening, dramatic mood... some event has either just happened or is about to... faith, pursued steadily and mercilessly by a light ambient drum pulse.


Never too late


Mid-Tempo Piano-Driven orchestral Suite with Very Classical, characteristic Melody and development - with a Powerful Chorus...Sweet Interludes with Glissando Violins and Epic Flutes.


On the move


Suspenseful Intro filled with Dramatic Effects leads into a Powerful and Intense Orchestral Chase that moves Swiftly... built-up by Stabbing Brass sections, Glissando Strings and Woodwinds mercilessly driven by a Very Dynamic and lively Mixture of Orchestral and Ethnic Drums and Effects.


Sea suite


Whale-like Very Emotional Calls open a Heartfelt Violinand Chorus-driven Hymn to Love, Nature or God with Boy Singers leading the way who continue to sing despite Obstacles in the form of Glissando Strings and Brass, Cymbal and Percussion effects... deep Ominous Lurking Bass.

Added on: 22.05.2017

Warm Pads with melodic synths and harp glissandos perfect for the game over menu of a game.

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
6 tracks, registered with a PRO