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6 tracks found with the tag "Swift"

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
3 tracks, registered with a PRO

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On the move


Suspenseful Intro filled with Dramatic Effects leads into a Powerful and Intense Orchestral Chase that moves Swiftly... built-up by Stabbing Brass sections, Glissando Strings and Woodwinds mercilessly driven by a Very Dynamic and lively Mixture of Orchestral and Ethnic Drums and Effects.

Very swift and elegant basic theme, e-combo with orchestral support, always in motion, you can hear the small locomotive breath literally, here, with less apparent Basic Groove.


Used Dynamite


Indie, alternative song with live acoustic guitars, groovy bass, rock drums, piano, soft strings, percussions and background angels choir. It has a sad atmosphere of unsuccessful relationship, broken heart, tears - love, in one word. Good for dramatic and romantic film, TV commercial, teens, any sad story, sitcom, romantic, promo, intro or credits.


Tropical Climate


Quietly confident and determined, this track drives along with an understated confidence. Organ, piano rhythm backing allow lively marimbas to dance as bright guitar melodies help move the piece along at a swift pace.

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
3 tracks, registered with a PRO