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Guitar pop is evident through its annoying guitar arrangement. Guitar pop originated in the early ‘60s in Great Britain. The first protagonists were The Beatles, The Hollies, and The Kinks. In the 90s there was a revival through bands such as The Rembrandts in the U.S.A., and Blur or Oasis from England.


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4. Take Me There 02:53

A modern pop, rock crossover track combining guitars, piano and synths, this track has a warm, friendly and universal appeal to it. Not to hard, not too soft, this blend is just right for those looking for something that has a little edge but doesn't take over too much.

Take Me There
12. Reflective Clocks 02:42

The perfect music for great emotions. Catchy piano arpeggios, acoustic guitars, melodic e-guitars and groovy drums dominate this track, which is atmospheric and driving at the same time. Reminds of Coldplay and equal bands and sounds like joy, euphoria and nostalgia. Great for all kind of films and advertisement.

Reflective Clocks - Completely Royalty Free Music
24. Green Smile 03:03

Modern indie pop rock song that goes straight into your ear, starts easy and has a catchy hit chorus. It is motivating, positive and has a classical line-up with guitars, piano, bass and drums. Very suitable for advertising and beautiful timeless moments.

Green Smile - Completely Royalty Free Music
552 tracks, not registered with a PRO
1128 tracks, registered with a PRO
1 >] of 68