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44 tracks, not registered with a PRO
48 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Nocturnal Light


Calm chill out song with upright bass, acoustic drums, e-guitar, percussion and soft piano tunes, embedded in floating pads. Unobstrusive relaxing music for meditation, wellness or music on hold.


Sweet Memories


Sensitive, romantic piano music with a melancholic yet hopeful mood. Calm and emotional background music, perfect for landscape shots, documentary and seasons in general.


Sweet Melancholy


Dreamful, melancholic solo piano track with wonderful harmonies and a sad melody. Well suited to nature, seasons, documentary, but also to emotional movies.


Hidden Twilight


Emotional ambient track with soft piano tunes, clean e-guitars and natural sound effects, which lead to a great atmosphere. Good background music for landscape shots and documentary.




Relaxed, calm chill out track with a touch of Far East. Unobstrusive instrumental music, perfect for relaxing and wellness. With bansuri, upright bass, percussion, drums, acoustic guitar and piano.


Sparkle Of Hope


Melancholic but hopeful at the same time in the style of well-known American TV shows. The piano in combination with contemporary electronic sounds provide a fresh mix. At 1:26, a whole orchestra joins in. Time for big emotions!

A full symphony orchestra, a complete rock band, strong hooklines and a lot of emotions! These are the ingredients for this action-loaded track. The quiet entrance paves the way for the heroic theme at around 0:24. The B-part starting at 1:08 can be also used separately and provides for change as well as tension. Rousing and fully of pressure - big cinema!

A warm and progressive track which mixes elements of ambient electronica with rock. The track builds from a gentle start to a full and edgy climax which is then followed by a softer ending. Emotional and hopeful, perhaps feelings of love and reflection.


Peaceful Moment


Calm and positive orchestral film music with soft piano tunes, harp, violin, cello, double bass, piccolo flute and clarinet. Soft, unobstrusive background music for peaceful themes like Spring.


Got To Believe


A modern sounding pop, rock ballad that has a strength and depth without being too soft or wishy-washy. A string section towards the end of the track lifts it to another level with a beautiful melody. Great for many projects including tv, advertising, youth culture and more.


Gentle Breeze


Relaxed solo piano song with beautiful harmonies and a soft tune. Perfect background music for documentary, landscape shots or private holiday videos.

44 tracks, not registered with a PRO
48 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1      of 4