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Synthpop (short for synthesizer pop) is a genre of popular music that emerged in the late 1970s and is characterized by the use of synthesizers and electronic effects. Synthpop has its roots in a variety of musical styles, including disco, electronic, and new wave, and it has evolved over time to incorporate a wide range of influences and sounds. Some of the most famous synthpop artists include Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Erasure and The Pet Shop Boys, and some of the most famous synthpop songs include "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode and "Electricity" by OMD. Synthpop is typically produced with electronic instruments and software, and it often uses a variety of effects to create its distinctive sound.

Synthpop has its roots in the electronic music scene of the 1970s, which was characterized by the use of synthesizers and electronic effects. Synthesizers are electronic instruments that can be used to generate a wide range of sounds, from simple sine waves to complex textures and patterns. Synthpop producers often use synthesizers to create the melodies and chord progressions that form the foundation of the music, as well as to create sound effects and textures.

In addition to synthesizers, synthpop producers also often use a range of electronic effects to shape and manipulate the sound of the music. These effects include reverb and delay, filters and distortion - some as important as harmonic structure and hookline - the genre is known for its use of catchy melodies and hooks

In terms of its use in underscore licensing, synthpop is often used to create an upbeat and energetic atmosphere, and is suitable for use in media that seeks to convey a sense of excitement or celebration. The music can evoke a range of emotions, including happiness, optimism, and a sense of fun.

Terms such as “Electropop” and “Technopop” are synonyms of Synth Pop. The boom of synthesizer bands was possible because towards the end of the ‘70s there were more compact and reasonably priced synthesizers. The best known protagonists are Depeche Mode, OMD, The Buggles, New Order, Eurythmics, Soft Cell, Gary Numan, Blancmange, Yazoo, Ultravox, and Visage. At the end of the ‘90s there was a revival of this genre. The Proud Music Library offers more than 400 music titles by composer and producer Oliver Scheffner, aka Mr. Olli, who after working with this genre for almost 20 years feels it’s as easy as pie. More information about Synth Pop

Synth Pop stands often for technical issues, progress and is often used in advertising.An example of Synthpop: „Both sides“ von Alexander Talmon:

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1259 tracks, not registered with a PRO
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