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Soft Rock or Light Rock is a music style that combines aspects from rock music and folk rock in order to achieve a smoother, more attenuated sound. Soft rock hard rock came from after the latter establish itself as mainstream genre in the early 70’s by favoring typical folk rock instrumentation, that is to say by using acoustic elements such as the flute and guitar. The main stress was placed on melody and harmonics. Prominent artists from this genre are Carole King, Cat Stevens, and The Hollies. Pop Rock originated in turn from soft rock. Please compare the reference under Wikipedia: Soft Rock (Engl.)

Soft Rock stands often for emotional issues, emphatic lyrics and is often used in advertising. The reason to use this music is that the tracks are known as classics and one tries to derive a branding on a product on the recognition value.

An example of soft rock: „Klingklang“ von Alexander Talmon:

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4. Take Me There 02:53

A modern pop, rock crossover track combining guitars, piano and synths, this track has a warm, friendly and universal appeal to it. Not to hard, not too soft, this blend is just right for those looking for something that has a little edge but doesn't take over too much.

Take Me There
454 tracks, not registered with a PRO
837 tracks, registered with a PRO
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