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Indie rock is a musical genre of alternative rock born in the United Kingdom and the United States in the late eighties and spread, especially since the 2000s, in several other countries where it has developed a native landscape of bands with discreet national popularity but, apart from some cases, virtually unknown outside their borders.

In a generic way, it is used as a term to describe the independence of certain music from the major commercial record labels.

The origin of the term

The term indie is an English neologism derived from the contraction of the term independent, referring to a genre of music (that of independent record labels) characterized by a different approach to the mode of production of the same that, at least originally, was generally opposed to those used in mass pop music (or mainstream) produced and distributed by major record companies.

The peculiarity of indie rock bands and authors originally resided mainly in their mostly autonomous DIY approach, which often led them to do everything on their own, both in the recording phase, but also in the publication and distribution, up to the organization of their concerts. Artists who, over the success of the charts, mostly preferred a more autonomous position with respect to maintaining full control over their music and the choices that followed, preferring independent and relatively low-budget labels (or even self-production). although some of these independent labels had distribution agreements with the big majors, they operated in such a way as to keep their artists their own autonomy, leaving them free to explore sounds, roads and themes often unsuited to the general public.

However, when, in the mid-nineties, the unexpected exploit of grunge in the United States and britpop in the United Kingdom made possible the commercial success of some bands hitherto unknown to the general public, the term indie rock gradually began to lose its original value of alternative music and, even after those major changes in the music industry due mainly (in the 2000s) to the growing importance of the Internet, was then reduced to a mere term identifying the musical genre.

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36 tracks, not registered with a PRO
6 tracks, registered with a PRO
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