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35 tracks, not registered with a PRO
223 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Beautiful Life


Romantic and peaceful song with acoustic guitar, piano and fretless bass. Calm and relaxing instrumental music for commercials or corporate films, but also as background music for video- or fotoshows.




A grand, epic, romantic piece of orchestral / symphonic film score music. Wide open fields, home lands, personal stories, adventure and epic tales. The piece plays for six and a half minutes and can be used for several different cues, or together as a whole. This track is recorded with a live philharmonic orchestra.


Story of Success


Cool pop rock song with a positive attitude, inspiring and motivating. Perfect background music for advertising or corporate movies. Suits to terms like success, lifestyle, friendship or motivation.


Sweet Memories


Sensitive, romantic piano music with a melancholic yet hopeful mood. Calm and emotional background music, perfect for landscape shots, documentary and seasons in general.


The Truth In You


A bright, hopeful and inspirational pop/rock crossover track with a rich, lush sound and a strong feeling of aspirations, hopes, achievements, dreams and glory. The intensity increases as the track goes on, ever growing, ever reaching higher. Very strong stuff; good for many types of productions, with a feeling of reaching goals, doing your best, striving for success, challenging yourself and ultimately succeeding.


The diamond way


Imagine sitting atop a magically scenic mountain in Tibet or Nepal, watching the native life go wandering by. Soft, dreamy, cinematic, hypnotic, tranquil, peaceful, enchanted track with a distinct Oriental flavour. Would suit travel/documentary/buddhist/ dramatic/geographical film type projects.


Forgotten Paradise


Epic, dramatic film music, Hollywood style, with big orchestra and choir. The beautiful theme is evolving to a great fantasy adventure and an expedition of foreign worlds. Great fantasy soundtrack.

35 tracks, not registered with a PRO
223 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1             of 11