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Folk music has its roots in the oral tradition, where songs and stories were passed down orally from generation to generation. Over the centuries, many different folk music styles have developed, depending on the culture, lifestyle, and traditions of each region.

In the 1950s and 60s, folk music experienced a renaissance in the United States as artists such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan combined folk music traditions with political and social issues, making it a popular form of entertainment. This movement was called the "folk revival" and also had an impact on popular music, particularly the singer-songwriter movement of the 1970s.

Bob Dylan, considered one of the best known and most influential singer-songwriters of the Folk Revival movement, influenced the genre through his political songs and innovative songwriting technique. Other well-known artists of the folk revival movement include Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, and Tom Paxton.

In the 1970s, folk music became popular again through the singer-songwriter movement, and artists such as James Taylor, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell made their mark on the genre. These artists combined the traditions of folk music with pop and rock influences, creating a new sound known as "folk rock."

Today, there are many different styles within folk music, including Americana, bluegrass, Celtic, and world music. Well-known folk music artists of today include Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver.

Folk music remains a popular music style today and is appreciated by music fans of all ages. It provides a platform for music and culture to connect and allows musicians to share their stories and experiences with a wide audience. Folk music will certainly continue to play an important role in the musical landscape in the future.


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142 tracks, registered with a PRO

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A warm, positive and melodic fantasy/celtic inspired track. Have a little patience with this one -- the atmospheric intro section lasts for about 1 minute before the tempo picks up to an upbeat celtic jam with piccolo flute, guitars, hand drums, etc. Full mix.

On the Morrow of Today

A light acoustic guitar track, romantic and sweet. Perhaps slightly nostalgic or wistful. A mellotron string section enters and later also a bell melody. An underscore version is also available without the bell melody. This is a gentle and easy flowing instrumental track, hopeful, tender and romantic like never ending love.

Two Lovers (Underscore version)

Silent night, holy night - the Christmas classic as a relaxed version featuring a fingerpicked 12 string guitar, strings, flute and harp. Wonderful, intimate, homely, warm underlay for greeting cards, congratulations and winter landscapes. You can hear the warm fireplace cracking already ...

Silent Night (intimate Version)  - Completely Royalty Free Music
70 tracks, not registered with a PRO
142 tracks, registered with a PRO
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