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Heartbreak 1/2


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6. don't leave now 03:07

A heartfelt, melodic pop, rock crossover track that starts softly and then grows to a sweeping, emotional chorus part. Intense, romantic, with rock band plus orchestral strings in an arrangement similar to Coldplay etc. Heartbreak, young people, first love, loss, sorrow or just personal stories, soul searching. Would go well with youth drama, scenes of inner turmoil, thoughts and perhaps personal conflict or great love.

don't leave now

An ambient, pensive, and slightly mysterious track with a sense of melancholy and perhaps sadness, or of a developing, unfolding story. The start of a personal journey or self discovery? This piece may also work with projects dealing with loss, grief, love and sadness as well as simply being a strong and reflective piece of music to go well with any drama scene.

Waiting for a Change
18. Are You Game 02:46

A mid-tempo, raw and aggressive, 90’s alternative-rock track with contrasting parts that dynamically transition from soft to loud. Angst ridden attitude with gritty guitars, bass, synth and edgy drums incased in a rough and ready, un-polished vibe.

Are You Game
0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
48 tracks, registered with a PRO
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