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Mad 1/2


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3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
30 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Intense, powerful, driven, hectic, heavy, frantic & edgy modern metal track. enormous forward energy & weight makes sure this beast hammers it home. no messing. monster chugged guitar riffs combine with syncopated shard-like drums. would suit extreme sports/horror/thriller/action/military projs


Hit the switch


crazy, fast, chaotic, intense, powerful, raucous, driven, wild, adrenalised, frenzied, rocket-fuelled rock track with monster riffs & explosive drums. a brooding groovy intro leads to an all out sonic dynamic assault. would suit action/thriller/extreme sports/combat type projects. can you handle it?

Smooth, cool trip-hop style beats groove as echoey synth pads and talkbox leads float above. Very laid back until the chorus comes where heavy, blunt distorted guitars enter and steal the show. Has a funky yet intriguing feel to it. Contains guitars, bass, drums, synths and horns.


fever dream


unique blend of bouncy ethnic violin parts & huge, intensity-fuelled, grungy monster dirty blues-rock guitars. Enchanting, exciting, hypnotic & captivating. when the chorus part comes, it hits hard, surprising the listener. Very difficult to describe. a sonic rollercoaster.Take a listen !

quirky, fun & groovy track inspired by the old 'bee' classic. has an air of energy & mischief to it until the chorus kicks in and it takes off into the skies like a retro theme to some American spy,cop,thriller series. Contains orchestral strings & brass, bass & drums

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
30 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2