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Progressive metal is a style of music that has evolved from traditional metal and progressive rock music. It is characterized by complex song structures, the use of atmospheric sounds and experimental instrumentation. Progressive metal bands have also been known to blend their music with other genres such as jazz, classical, and even world music.

Progressive metal emerged in the late 1970s, when some metal bands decided to break away from the traditional influences of metal and expand their music through the use of synthesizers and other electronic instruments. One of the most famous early progressive metal bands was Rush, who distinguished their music with the use of synthesizers and concept albums.

In the 1980s, progressive metal was popularized by bands such as Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater. These bands relied on complex song structures that could span several minutes, and often used multiple musical styles in one song. The use of keyboards and guitar solos also became more common during this period.

Progressive metal has evolved over the years, spawning many subgenres, including djent and mathcore. Well-known progressive metal bands of the present day include Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, and Haken.

Although progressive metal is not as popular as other metal genres such as thrash metal or death metal, it still has a loyal following and attracts music fans looking for something more complex and experimental. Progressive metal remains an important force in the metal scene and will certainly continue to break new and innovative ground in the future.


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42 tracks, not registered with a PRO
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