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Electronic hardcore, also known as digital hardcore or digital punk, is a subgenre of hardcore punk that incorporates elements of electronic music, such as breakbeats, synthesizers, and samples. It emerged in the 1990s as a fusion of punk rock and various forms of electronic music, including techno, industrial, and hardcore techno.

The genre is characterized by its aggressive and high-energy sound, combining fast and heavy guitar riffs with electronic beats and harsh, distorted vocals. The electronic elements often include abrasive synthesizer lines, glitchy effects, and samples from various sources, including movies, video games, and political speeches.

Lyrically, electronic hardcore often addresses political and social issues, with themes of rebellion, anti-establishment, and technological alienation. The genre's lyrics can be confrontational, expressing anger, frustration, and dissent.

Some notable bands and artists associated with electronic hardcore include Atari Teenage Riot, The Prodigy (early work), Shizuo, Alec Empire, and Ec8or.

Elektronische Hardcore-Musik zeichnet sich in der Regel durch ein hohes Tempo aus, das zwischen 160 und 200 Beats pro Minute (BPM) oder noch schneller liegt. Die Beats werden oft mit harten und stark verzerrten Kick Drums erzeugt, die von schnellen und komplexen Schlagzeugmustern begleitet werden. Die Basslines sind tief und kraftvoll und tragen zur Intensität der Musik bei.

Hardcore electronic music typically features high tempos, ranging from 160 to 200 beats per minute (BPM) or even faster. The beats are often created using hard-hitting and heavily distorted kick drums, accompanied by rapid and complex drum patterns. The basslines are deep and powerful, adding to the intensity of the music.
In addition to the fast-paced rhythms, hardcore electronic incorporates elements of industrial, techno, and rave music. The sound is often characterized by harsh synthesizer sounds, aggressive melodies, and samples from various sources, including movies, video games, and vocal snippets.
Lyrically, hardcore electronic songs may be minimal or entirely instrumental, with the focus primarily on the energetic and aggressive nature of the music itself. However, when vocals are present, they can be aggressive, repetitive, or distorted.
Hardcore electronic has various subgenres and offshoots, including gabber, happy hardcore, speedcore, and breakcore.

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13. Land 06:13

Distorted drums in this psychedelic and abstract ambient track,but also mysterious,Futuristic, Technologic and Scientific.Too much dark,unreal,suspense.Tech/Sci-Fi, Thrillers, fit for hi-tech documentary.

5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
10 tracks, registered with a PRO