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Illbient 1/18

Illbient is a genre of electronic music that originated in the 1990s in New York City. It is characterized by its atmospheric and ambient sound, which is often created using electronic instruments and effects. Illbient is known for its use of found sounds and field recordings, as well as its incorporation of elements from other musical genres, such as hip hop, jazz, and world music.

Illbient was first popularized by a group of DJs and producers who were active in the New York City underground music scene in the 1990s. These artists, who included DJ Spooky, the Orb, and the Gaslamp Killer, were known for their experimental and boundary-pushing approach to music-making. They used a wide range of electronic instruments and techniques to create a sound that was both futuristic and rooted in the past.

Some of the most famous illbient albums and artists include DJ Spooky's "Riddim Warfare," the Orb's "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld," and the Gaslamp Killer's "Breakthrough." These albums and artists are known for their style-defining sounds and their innovative approaches to music-making.

There are many famous songs in the illbient genre, including "Little Fluffy Clouds" by the Orb, "Encounter on Io" by DJ Spooky, and "The Gaslamp Killer Theme" by the Gaslamp Killer. These songs have helped to define the genre and have become iconic within the Illbient community.

Illbient music is often used for synchronization licensing in media. Its atmospheric and ambient sound is well-suited for use in scenes that require a moody or introspective feel. In terms of the emotions that illbient evokes, it can range from feelings of mystery and intrigue to more ethereal and dreamlike moods. No matter what the mood, Illbient has the ability to transport listeners to another world and create a sense of mystery and wonder.

Overall, illbient is a genre of electronic music that is characterized by its experimental and boundary-pushing approach to music-making.


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230 tracks, registered with a PRO

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A didgeridoo sample repeats over and over inducing a hypnotic state as light percussion dances around in this atmospheric track. Simple and effect it really produces a feeling that you're in the Outback.

How Do You Didgeridoo?
14. Field Of Dreams 04:20

Soaring through technical and molecular worlds. Futuristic vibrant, subtle talk over ambient track with synthesizer, pads and orchestra runs. Ideal for time-lapse images of nature and the environment.

Field Of Dreams  - Completely Royalty Free Music
204 tracks, not registered with a PRO
230 tracks, registered with a PRO
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