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HipHop/Rap 1/19

At first, we ask for your understanding that the music on cannot be licensed for a background beat for rap for legal reasons. For this use an individual license has to be agreed upon. If you are interested, please contact us..

Hip Hop as a music trend has its roots in the 70’s in funk and soul music. A stylistic particularity is the speech song, the use of samples, including the so called scratch. The social-cultural origins of hip hop are the Afro-American ghettos (residential areas with a majority of Afro-Americans).
The musical developmental fate is usually from a so called beat or loop In this case, a record player is used to play repeatedly a passage from a music piece from funk, soul, or disco genres or other beats assembled together. Rhythmic speaking/singing (rap) takes place during the repetition.

The band Rapper’s Delight at the end of the 70’s was the first constituted of its kind that was able to achieve commercial success with hip hop and rap. The band Kraftwerk created the first hip hop piece produced with synthesizers with the title Trans Europa Express. At the end of the 80s many hip hop artists/bands began to mix hip hop with heavy metal or baroque/classic.

In the Proud Music Library music tracks of the genre Hip Hop can be found. With an account it is allowed to download a track for free, but only to introduce the track to a customer or to test it on a project / film. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED! Royalty-free music means not that the music is for free. This a urban legend. Learn more.... For questions please contact us by email to [email protected]. You find hundreds of blog posts on various issues around the topic of music licensing in our blog


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All rights reserved. No usage without prior licensing. Please be fair. Thank you!

11. Mojo Moves 02:21

Cutter friendly, groovy, good mood exhilarating Hip Hop with string interjections, rhodes and lots of breaks and FX. Good for entertaining compilations as best of the funniest scenes, making of, photo of the day and 3D demoreel.

Mojo Moves  - Completely Royalty Free Music
63 tracks, not registered with a PRO
410 tracks, registered with a PRO
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