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Asian music is subdivided into regionally coined musical trends and conceptual arrangements. Chinese music relates on the one hand to the Han Chinese, on the other to various ethnic minorities in the People’s Republic of China. Outside the mainland, people from Chinese origin also produce Chinese music with traditional Chinese instruments or in Chinese language.

From Chinese documents dating to the early periods of Chinese civilization, there are indications of a well developed music culture already in existence during the Zhou dynasty (256 B.C. – 1122 B.C.). Part of the present Chinese cultural scene is based thereon. Traditional Chinese music is quite popular. Annual events such as the Midi Modern Music Festival in Peking attract tens of thousands of attendees. There was also the Snow Mountain Music Festival (Chinese version of Woodstock) back in 2002 in Yunnan province.

The Japanese word for music is ongaku, which combines the Kanji words “on” (=sound) and “gaku” (=to enjoy). There are several forms of traditional Japanese music. There is Shomyo , or rather Buddhist hymns, and Gagaku, or rather orchestral court music from the Nara and Heian periods. Gagaku is a type of classical music that was performed at the imperial court. Kagura-uta, Azuma-asobi and Yamato-uta are endemic repertoire. Togaku and komagaku come from the Chinese Tang dynasty and spreads over the Korean peninsula to Japan. Furthermore, it subdivides into gagaku ensembles (instrumental music) and bugaku (a dance accompanied by gagaku).

With a free account you can download royalty-free asian music for free, but only for introducing the track to your customer or to test it on your project / film. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED! No uploading on Youtube, too! Please purchase a license to use our asian music or other royalty-free music, production music or stock music in a film, tutorial, online spot, commercial spot, ad, videocast, etc. and every public use. Any use which goes beyond the testing/introducing is expressly prohibited. For questions please contact us by email to You find hundreds of blog posts on various issues around the topic of music licensing in our blog.


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72 tracks, not registered with a PRO
227 tracks, registered with a PRO

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A beautiful and melodic China / Tibetan / Malaysian / Far Eastern Orient instrumental track. Romantic, pretty and evocative, featuring Java gong, Chinese temple flute and various other oriental instruments. Suitable for travel programs, documentaries as well as romance and idyllic imagery etc.

China Temple Morning

Der Meister sprach: “Lernen ist eine Tätigkeit, bei der man das Ziel nie erreicht und zugleich immer fürchten muss, das schon Erreichte wieder zu verlieren.”

China in your hand 2 - Completely Royalty Free Music

A varied track which goes through various movements; some serene and romantic - others dark and menacing. Japanese Taiko drums, Shinmue, Koto, and Waterphone. This track goes through many different sections of Japanese inspired music.

Kingdom of the Japanese

A dark and ominous piece with heavy use of the Taiko drum and japanese, chinese Gong. No melody, all percussion. Martial Arts, Japanese triads, dark, foreboding, military, historical, impending battle. Chase scene, etc.

Taiko Triads (Taiko Only mix)

This smooth and soft world-fusion track uses the traditional Indian instrument Sarangi, which is a bit like a violin (although it predates the violin in existence). The traditional role of this instrument is to play in unison with the vocalist, but here the Saranghi has come into its own right, mixed with a downtempo electronica beat, tabla, tamborines and soft pads. A silky smooth, exotic and beautiful world ethnic track, highly suitable for travel, journeys, holidays and vacations in exotic and far-away places. Slightly wistful or sorrowful, but also comforting and hopeful.

Placid Waters (pad & lead only)
72 tracks, not registered with a PRO
227 tracks, registered with a PRO
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