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Yoga 1/2


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12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Fluttering, ambient and melodic track with understated piano, strings and a free flying spirit. Romantic. For relaxation, yoga, stress reduction, or a tender, caressing musical backdrop for wedding video or romance material.


After Hours


 Dreamy, atmospheric, new age ambient electronic piece. Minimal and meditative. Perfect for star gazing, visions of space, nature, slow drama, romance, and heart wrenching scenes. Moods of serenity, love, loss, memories & hope. Breathing pads/chords. Good for yoga, dreaming, meditation.


Far Between


Deep breathing, dreamy atmosphere with lush layers/chords coming in and out like slow ocean waves. Mysterious and meditative. Expansive, cold, buoyant Great for ocean scenes or visuals of space, galaxy, stars, etc. Also has an emotional quality for dramatic scenes.

breathing, tender, atmospheric new age soundscape with dreamy pads/layers, celestial voices and distant vocal shamanic chants. Very ethereal, floating and serene. Meditation space music. Good for space scenes or even romantic dramas or love.


Dream Spaces


Atmospheres of a cold wind and dreams. Swirling textures and quiet, ambient layers mix and melt as the listener is enveloped into a womb-like cocoon and shown secrets from the dream world. Very minimal, meditative and a little mysterious/obscure. Good for yoga and sleep as well as visuals of space.

12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2

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