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HipHop/Rap 10/25


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64 tracks, not registered with a PRO
538 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Prominent staccato strings and drum beats create a dark side to this hip-hop track. Always a little unsure of itself, it is ideal for any soundtracks requiring an arrogant, unwelcoming feel especially in uncomfortable situations.

An angelic, gothic sounding choir and cello led requiem conjuring up images of Irish landscapes, monasteries, gothic churches and religious gatherings. This track is available in different versions. The main version is based around the voice and the cello; the "chant mix" adds mysterious, whispering chants, and the "urban mix" adds hard hitting urban dance rhythms.

243. Wrong Decision 02:54

A modern soundtrack for horror and mystery. Deep, prominent drum and bass rhythms provide the basis for staccato strings and synths that emphasise the beat and dark mysterious nature of the piece.

244. Bass Satisfied 03:05

Deep bass is the biggest feature of this dark hip-hop track. Cool and fresh but slightly aggressive and mysterious. This is perfect for scenes portraying confrontation and moves along at an up-tempo pace.

Mid-tempo Electro / R&B / Funk / Hip-Hop crossover track. This track is pretty subtle and suitable for background music, lounge / chillout with a restrained urban feel. Somewhat secretive and thoughtful, it can be used for Forensic investigations, analysis, clues and problem solving, undercover missions, urban drama and more.

64 tracks, not registered with a PRO
538 tracks, registered with a PRO
           10             >] of 25

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