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Deep house is a kind of dance music born in Chicago in the second half of the eighties as a sub-genre of house music. Compared to Chicago House it is slower (122-127 bpm), almost hypnotic, and melodic; it also incorporates jazz influences. The name "Deep" comes from the deep bass sound usually found in songs of this genre.

Deep tracks generally feature deep sounding pads, similar to those used in the chill out and lounge areas. Very important are the electric pianos, first of all the Fender Rhodes, in its Mark I and Mark II models, followed by the Wurlitzer pianos. In the tracks there are often only wind instruments typically jazz like the sax or the trumpet. Moreover, the chords and scales of the melodic part of the Deep pieces are always of the Soul standard and above all Jazz. Because of these characteristics, with an andante and relaxed rhythm and its refined sounds, the Deep House is often used in high fashion shows and is considered as the dance version of genres such as Nu jazz and the Lounge.

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Technical innovations and continuous forward technologies. Fascinating Scientific Talk Over House in the chiller style. This is an XXL version. Modular construction kit with 44 loops and edits.

Molecular Modelling Housemix  - Completely Royalty Free Music

A positive and upbeat, fresh and friendly house / dance track. Mid-to uptempo house beat, chilled-out synth patterns and infectious beats. This is a feelgood track that makes you want to tap your feet, and gives off a sense of optimism and light.

Pulse (Underscore Version) - Completely Royalty Free Music
78 tracks, not registered with a PRO
159 tracks, registered with a PRO
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