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Funk House is a subgenre of house music that combines elements of funk, disco, and soul with the 4/4 beat and electronic instrumentation of house music. It is characterized by its use of funky basslines, brass and horn samples, and groovy rhythms, which are often combined with electronic drums, synthesizers, and other effects.

Funk House tracks typically feature a tempo ranging from 120-130 BPM, and may include vocals or samples from funk and disco classics. The music is designed to create a danceable and upbeat atmosphere, with a focus on melody, groove, and soulful expression.

Funk House gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and has continued to be a popular subgenre of house music today. Some of the key artists associated with Funk House include Daft Punk, Technotronic, Basement Jaxx, and Armand Van Helden.

The genre is known for its feel-good vibes and its ability to get people dancing, making it a popular choice for clubs and parties. The fusion of electronic and organic instrumentation gives Funk House a unique sound that is both contemporary and nostalgic, and its emphasis on soulful expression and funky grooves continues to resonate with audiences today.
Funk House music is known for its upbeat and danceable rhythms, and as a result, it can evoke a sense of joy, happiness, and positive energy in listeners. The fusion of electronic and organic instrumentation, along with the use of funk and disco samples, can create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, which can further enhance the positive feelings associated with the genre.

The groovy basslines, catchy melodies, and soulful vocals in Funk House can also create a feeling of euphoria and freedom, as listeners lose themselves in the music and dance along. The genre's emphasis on rhythm and groove can create a sense of physical release and bodily expression, as listeners move to the beat and feel the music in their bodies.

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19. Frog Opener 00:45

Versatile, serious, modern business Opener perfect for intros, trailers, openers and news. Fields of application are, for example, business, finance, stock market, technology, politics, science, medicine and research.

Frog Opener  - Completely Royalty Free Music
25. Keep on shining 06:18

Food for the synapsis of ambitious audio-audists, chilling, intelligent and sparkling. It grooves, it swings, a real contribution to world peace, at least for six minutes

Keep on shining - Completely Royalty Free Music
201 tracks, not registered with a PRO
263 tracks, registered with a PRO
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