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Uptempo, positive, energized track with an electronic beat & lush strings. intensity falls back at points before picking up again. Similar to electronic dance music or lighter rave dance track, great for scenes with tweens and teens as well as video games, dancing fun in a nightclub, action & drama

positively charged
9. contemplation 02:10

slow, dreamy, beautiful, ethereal, spacious, thoughtful, soundscape that gets your mind wandering and whirring. simple, soft piano melodies combine with lush, emotive strings & tiny electronic percussion noises to create music suitable for mystery/dramatic/documentary/travel/spy/psych thriller projects.

13. India 03:06

Indian inspired track with lots of ethnic instruments such as tabla, Sitar, flutes and Indian female vocals. A Cultural track, which while simple in production, is very effective at setting the ethnic mood and tone. Track builds to a bigger sound towards the end. Perfect for Ethnic / eastern spots.

17. Science And Nature 02:57

Mid-tempo background track with a science feel. Trickling and ticking, pulses and impulses, movement and interplay between technology and organics. Great as an underscore to science lab, information flow, education, research, data presentation, movement and constant change, development.

Science And Nature
0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
25 tracks, registered with a PRO