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Fashion Show

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A fashion show is an event in which the collection of a fashion designer is reinforced when presented with music. The two most influential fashion weeks are the ones in Paris and New York, which are organized twice a year. In this manner, every time, the fashion trends for the following season are presented by both, male and female models. Fashion weeks in Milan, London and Berlin also have international importance for the fashion world. Occasionally, fashion shows are staged in the form of installations in which the models present the fashion rather standing still, standing up, or sitting down in a built environment.

A wide range of current designers tend to produce their shows as musical or theater productions with lavish sets and additional elements such as live music or an abundance of audiovisual components such as holograms, for example. In the 19th century fashion shows were already common (with musical accompaniment/reinforcement, as well). They took place at regular intervals in the Paris haute couture salons. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, fashion designers tried organizing fashion shows in private spaces. They distanced themselves from this in the ‘90s. Then and now, fashion shows stir interest and are usually filmed. They appear in especially assigned TV channels or even in documentaries. "


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