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1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
28 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Uranos Arise


Agitating and full of bizzarely surprises. Bombastic and grandiosely intro, followed by passages with pads, in change with rythmic succinctly motives and continuous movement. Suitable for example in animation- or cartoon films.


across the sea


spacey but powerful & intense medium-paced, electro-rock track combining synth lines, grooving, sometimes frantic drums with soaring, emotional electric guitar melodies and leads that speak of deeply felt emotions for absent friends. great dynamics and climactic moods & energy.


acid tongue


Dark, moody, atmospheric, medium paced, high-intensity, adrenaline-fuelled guitar rocker. dramatic, intense, emotive & passionate combination of monster riffs, synths, strings and hefty grooves. dark moody and heavy space-rocker with great melodic intensity




Epic, intense, gutsy, unique, high-powered, high-drama explosive rock track with an Eastern flavoured intro. Arabian plucked strings build the intro tension before a monster riff explodes the track into energised life. Would suit extreme sports,action type projects. Can your project handle it?




Hypnotic, spacey & fun synth-lead electro pop track with funky brass and clavinet in the chorus. The irresistible beat gets you moving & you just can't stop. the mid section takes on a different mood briefly as electric piano and trumpet take over the melodic colours.

Smooth, cool trip-hop style beats groove as echoey synth pads and talkbox leads float above. Very laid back until the chorus comes where heavy, blunt distorted guitars enter and steal the show. Has a funky yet intriguing feel to it. Contains guitars, bass, drums, synths and horns.


fever dream


unique blend of bouncy ethnic violin parts & huge, intensity-fuelled, grungy monster dirty blues-rock guitars. Enchanting, exciting, hypnotic & captivating. when the chorus part comes, it hits hard, surprising the listener. Very difficult to describe. a sonic rollercoaster.Take a listen !

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
28 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2