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21 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Added on: 06.01.2017

thoughtful, cinematic, emotive, dreamy, slightly melancholic & filmic piece with good forward momentum, containing exotic plucked santoor, string section & drum machine/drum loops. makes you sit back and think deep thoughts-about life, the universe & everything. how small we are in this vast galaxy




Spacey, dreamy, emotional & hypnotically peaceful piano/strings track that just lets you float out into the stratosphere and melt on to a big fluffy cloud. serene, sombre & very beautiful. forget your worries, forget gravity and calmly drift up into the night sky.




grooving, motivated & hypnotic dancey electronic track using synths, piano and drum machines. has great forward momentum & hook-laden energy, bouncy, bold & irresistable with spacey pauses for thought. foot-tapping & head head-noddingly beaty. would suit,travel,sports,mystery,aerobics type projects.


The Waiting


Atmospheric, spacious bayou, swampy piece with distant bass and bluesy E. Guitar, with mysterious synth sounds and environments, and distant harmonica. Perfect for swampy, Cajun, bayou on the river scenes needing dark, mysterious, ambient music


At The Border


Atmospheric & mysterious swampy bayou flavored piece with slide lap steel guitars, and surreal, dreamy, spacious atmospheres & textures. Good for canoe on the river or cowboy western scenes, nature docs, star gazing, meditation.


Drawing Near


Tense, arrpegiating synth tones with dark, undercurrent sound pads, Native American Lakote Flute calls, & various atmospheric ambient electronics. Dark, ominous, scary, nervous, tense, strange, mysterious and yet, mystical & slightly hypnotic in a surreal sort of way. Psychedelic Ethnic action.

dark, atmospheric, epic soundtrack with mysterious chord swell/pads/layers, deep thunderous bassy taiko & frame drum track, trippy electronic accents & hypnotic, distant ethnic vocal chants. Other worldy, slightly tense and ominous but meditative and surreal. Great 4 many scenes needing mystery

Hypnotic ambient electronic atmospheric soundscape with slow, rhythmic arppegiating poly tones and other worldy sounds and effects. Dark and surreal but trance inducing and somewhat psychedelic. Perfect for many visuals esp. nature docs and/or planetary, space scenes.


Blue Room


Trippy, obscure, psychological soundworld with whisper voices, dissonant chords, and ethereal tones. Sounds like a drifting nightmare. dreamy, other worldy, ethereal, mysterious, surreal & dark. Perfect atmosphere for the right visuals needing scary, hypnotic, trance inducing, spacious music

Slow building, atmospheric, ambient electronic, new age piece with deep droning pads, multi-tap delay guitar interweaving, bass synth tones, & assorted spacious sounds. Surreal, dreamy, mysterious, subtle, hypnotic, ethereal. Good 4 nature docs, space scenes, mystery, sci-fi, science, dramas.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
21 tracks, registered with a PRO