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Detective means detecting a fact, discovering and investigating circumstances as well as people involved with them. The word comes from the Latin detectus, and this one from the verb detegere formed by de- (to remove) and -tegere (to cover); In its origin it meant "to remove the cover".

As a police term, detective is one who investigates certain facts and the circumstances that surrounded them. This contains also the investigation of the people related or involved with them. Detectives are an investigators. A private investigator or a member of the police wears civilian clothes.

Private detectives must have some kind of authorization to carry out these activities and an adequate training. In Spain, a university degree in private investigation is required, while in other countries it is only necessary to apply for an official permit.

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21 tracks, registered with a PRO

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16. Suspense Chords 00:19

A slowly descending series of dissonant chords played by tremolo strings evokes a mood of apprehension and foreboding. This dramatic underscore cue has an eerie and ominous vibe that is dead-on for crime dramas, murder mysteries, thrillers, horror, sci-fi

Suspense Chords
17. Working week 03:05

electric lead guitar, bass and percussion provide a backdrop for a solid paced groove with a 'city investigation' detective, slightly sinister feel, with some nice organ lead and build at end section.

Working week
4 tracks, not registered with a PRO
21 tracks, registered with a PRO