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Uneasy 1/2


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9. Shape Of Death 01:12

A disturbing, percussion-only track. Use of feedback and clanking metal reminescent of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack or some of John Cage's work, but with the added element of dark, ethnic percussion. This fairly short track is great for a thriller, chiller, horror or dark mystery.

Dark and mysterious, this suspenseful rock/orchestral soundtrack evokes an edgy, tension filled atmosphere. Starts out with a haunting piano melody over a hypnotic pulsing groove that grows with intensity and escalates to a big, explosive climatic ending.

24. Night Shade 00:56

This dark and mysterious, brooding soundtrack has an undercurrent of tension and suspense that slowly evolves as it progresses. Evokes an uncanny feeling of weirdness. Featuring a funky, atmospheric wah-wah electric guitar groove, subtle morphing string p

This mysterious and suspenseful, exciting soundtrack has a nervous, hypnotic pulsing groove and a dark tension filled atmosphere. The music escalates with the addition of rock and orchestral elements while steadily building to an intense, dramatic ending.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
41 tracks, registered with a PRO
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