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Deep House 3/11

Electronic Music >> House >> Deep House


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82 tracks, not registered with a PRO
173 tracks, registered with a PRO

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55. Glitchy Fishes 03:24

Funky House / Tech-Step music in a medium tempo (125 BPM) and with a feelgood vibe. Moderate energy level, good for cruising along at a steady pace; running / cycling / spinning and other forms of exercise, aerobics. Refreshing and invigorating, but with a deep House groove. Also good for sports, adventure, fun activities, holidays & vacation, as well as on-screen visuals, presentations, animations / plasma, visual effects, timelapse and more.

61. 303 live arena 04:50

Electrobeat with a determined TB 303 as a bass line!!,electronic-hypnotic track.Dynamic, Groovy, Drive guitar+Virus Access + synths SE-1,909 Roland Drum Machine.Action Movie,sport,shi-fi.

72. Move Your Body 03:29

What sounds at first like a jungle track with a deep tribal sounding counter rhythm to the modern drum track, soon turns into trance anthem with filtered chords that change their sound as they pound away with vigorous energy.

A modern high-tech feel to this lively track. A prominent drum beat is used as a foundation for airy, twinkling melodies over swirling chords. A more serious tone is set by deep and busy bass notes that dominate every now and then.

75. Feel Me Up 02:44

An uptempo, yet also chilled-out, funky holiday track. House / dance / tech groove style with a chilled and postitive, optimistic vibe. Slight Lounge or Disco feel, with a warm electric piano pattern.

82 tracks, not registered with a PRO
173 tracks, registered with a PRO
    3           of 11

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