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22 tracks, not registered with a PRO
6 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Wonderful tales, magic and adventure - all this is told by this orchestral track! Emotional and moving! Des histoires merveilleuses, de la magie et de l'aventure - tout cela est raconté par ce morceau orchestral ! Émotionnel et émouvant ! Maravillosos cuentos, magia y aventura - ¡todo esto lo cuenta este tema orquestal! Emocional y conmovedor! Contos maravilhosos, magia e aventura - tudo isto é contado por esta pista orquestral! Emocional e comovente! Racconti meravigliosi, magia e avventura - tutto questo è raccontato da questo brano orchestrale! Emotivo e commovente!

Untold Fairy Tales - Completely Royalty Free Music

Colorful soap bubbles fly over a sea of flowers. Happy hours, childhood experiences and positive, friendly dreamy memories of the good old days with music box and bells.

Chocolate And Dreams (Full Mix)  - Completely Royalty Free Music

An avant-garde and mystical sounding mid age Opener featuring pads, reverse fx, fairies shimmer, choirs, hits, percussion and a modern chillout pad at the end. Fine for Talkover, documentaries and Trailer. Wide range of uses for modern blurred picture collages.

Mystery Intro 2 (elf mix)  - Completely Royalty Free Music
20. Spellcraft 04:45

Depicting a magic fantasy world of fairies and deep forests full of magical creatures and ancient adventures. Otherworldly, pastoral. Piano, vocal pads, tremolo guitars, mysterious sounds and hand drums.

21. To See You Again 03:05

A piano and string quartet make up this emotional and hopeful track. Soft, gentle and reflective with feelings of true love, romance and longing for someone or something. Poignant, subtle and delicate, this track would suit projects looking for an emotional response.

To See You Again
22 tracks, not registered with a PRO
6 tracks, registered with a PRO
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