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A fast, quirky and lively chamber trio piece with piano, clarinet and pizzicato cello that is full of wholesome fun. Good for evoking a playfully mischievous mood for silly moments and lightly comedic situations of all kinds.


Emotional Struggle


Powerful and emotive music that evokes a sense of difficulty or emotional strife. Strumming Ukulele, deep piano and light backing vocals create a poignant and somehow fragile mood. Would work well in drama, documentary, lifestyle spots. Or anything needing a light but powerful piece of music.

Piano music. Relaxing and delicate. Fragile and a little bit melancholic. Good for Film/TV drama, story telling; also for introspective media or relaxing settings. Hopeful / Reflective.

A very dark and disturbing horror / scifi / mystery track, with harsh, metallic pads and percussion counterpositioned against a fragile soprano voice. Can be both Ancient and Futuristic. Tense / Nervous pulse. Action thriller / Undercover / Sci-fi / Mystical. Also available without the drums, which makes it a more Ambient / Dark Underscore type track.

8 Gemafreie Musiktitel
49 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1     von 3