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25 tracks found with the tag "Bongo"

9 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO

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African Fields


african soundtrack piece which goes through many different stages throughout it's duration -- from the floating to the rhythmic, from light to dark, from sparse to dense, from the tribal and percussive to the ethereal with drones. There are many different cues in this piece, all contributing to a highly useable African soundscape.

Reminds of a chilled leave day at long white beaches under palms, where half-naked women are writhing. Very organic chillout song with real instruments like bongos, shaker, acoustic guitar, accordion and the rushing of the sea.

Summerly, positive chillout track with a nice atmosphere, light bongos, piano, guitar and electronic beats. Fits on topics such as holidays, leisure, relaxation and sun.


Beautiful Moment


Wonderfully relaxed, soft chillout/pop song with smooth pads, acoustic guitar, a real bass and drums, bongos and a melodic piano as lead instrument. Perfect for summerly evenings, holidays and moments of relief.


An Intriguing Idea


(bolero) electric bass & synth bass, chorused electric piano, chinese flute, vibes, congas, clave', maracas, bongos. Stealthy seduction. Sexy rhythm in 5/4 time and alluring instruments draw you in.


The Bikeride


The bikeride is a funky soul track with brass stabs, funky guitars and fast bongo percussion. Imagine riding fast down hills with the wind in your hair - this track rises and falls and was originally written to accompany a bike video.




Imagine sitting at the window of a trans-world train watching many different cultures, flavours and atmospheres go past you. A real journey of a piece. You never know quite what will happen next. Contains synth bass and pads, drum machines, ethnic percussion such as tabla and bongos ...and African voices.

9 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO