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Conga 1/2

37 tracks found with the tag "Conga"

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5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
32 tracks, registered with a PRO

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funky backround


Really good old skool funk, everything that pleases the ears, the wah-wahs, the lustful winds, the pinched organ. And, of course - the groove. Including congas.


African Fields


african soundtrack piece which goes through many different stages throughout it's duration -- from the floating to the rhythmic, from light to dark, from sparse to dense, from the tribal and percussive to the ethereal with drones. There are many different cues in this piece, all contributing to a highly useable African soundscape.


Steel Claws


Urgent and dramatic action cue, suitable for chase or battle scene, military conflict, combat sports, action movie trailer or other high impact footage. Live orchestra combined with sampled percussion and fast congas patterns creates a sense of desperate urgency and struggle. Chaos and destruction.

(bolero) electric bass & synth bass, chorused electric piano, chinese flute, vibes, congas, clave', maracas, bongos. Stealthy seduction. Sexy rhythm in 5/4 time and alluring instruments draw you in.


I'll Be There


( latin pop tune) grand piano & conga drums start out then joined by marimba, synth brass, electric bass, drum kit, maracas; slow samba rhythm, An anthem of determination, very positive emotions This song exudes a heartfelt loyalty that is rare in today's world.


Just Wind It Up


jazz rock in 7/4 time Acoustic and Fender Rhodes Electric piano solos, electric bass, drums, acoustic guitar, conga drums; Resolute, committed, high energy I had a dream I was driving on Old Route 66 , just winding out that 8 cylinder - 4 on the floor!


Never Give Up


(Samba) acoustic piano melody doubled with flute, supported by acoustic upright bass, drums, electric piano, marimba congas, maracas, triangle, percussion. Adult Contemporary funky feel, driving rhythm...The title says it all; I’ll never give up on you!

Military / Science fiction soundtrack style. A slow, pensive and mysterious opening gives way after a couple of minutes to a pompous, staccato horn stabs and marching snares and all-out battle with horn stabs and fast congas. Sci-fi and battle/chase scenes. Ominous, dramatic, conflict.

5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
32 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2