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Viva Fiesta


Alto sax, guitar, bass and light latin drum accompaniment create a soothing atmosphere. Perfect for reflection on events with friends and a cocktail or two at the end of a hectic day. Sways along at a relaxed pace and contains a sweet guitar solo.


Off Base


Sometimes even with our best efforts we come up a little short of our goal. This Afro-Cuban melancholic tune has a rueful nature that exemplifies that feeling, featuring harmonica, piano, vibes, guitar, bass and percussion.

Only when preparation meets opportunity can success truly happen and what a marvelous outcome. This smooth jazz tune exemplifies that to a tee. Features piano and acoustic guitar leads with vibes, ukulele, electric bass, drums and percussion.

Percussion, guitars and big brassy trumpets are all crammed into this homage to the happy sounds of hot Latin rhythms. This cheerful tune has all the charm, warmth & rough qualities of an old recording and would be suitable for micro games, commercials, short films or off beat comedy videos. Similar in style to the Michael Stephen Decker tracks Wacko Town, Big Cheese, Wackorama & Sambatastico.


Fragile Life


Piano solo with lots of emotion. Poignant chords introduce this slowish paced track before it becomes more rhythmical as the soul searching intensifies. Pretty and calm melodies throughout this delicate and refined soundtrack.


Mixing elements


Ein dunkler, mysteriöser Underground Track, deprimierend und ruhig am Anfang, steigert sich dann zu einem hektischen, überdrehten Rhythmus. Fies und zerstörerisch, perfekt für Sci-Fi, Krimis und Mystery. Hart und rauh mit modernen Drums und einer pulsierenden Bass Linie.


Summer Showers


Strings swell and surge with passion and emotion behind beautifully tender piano melodies before building up with woodwind as the track intensifies. This music has a wonderful feeling of discovery and a sense of magic. Charming and enchanting.




Slow, emotive guitar piece that develops and intensifies as it goes along it's journey. Wistful piano chords and soft strings lay a foundation as a lone clean guitar plays simple lamenting melodies that gradually build. Reminiscent of Beck,Satriani in parts.

4 Gemafreie Musiktitel
23 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1    von 2