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Vintage / classical style acoustic guitar jazz, Easy going, relaxed and somewhat playful, this track is both 'bluesy', happy and romantic, Historical, traditional jazz or Americana, D'jango / Hot club of France, old time bar, restaurant or dance hall, Visions of 1910-1950 New York,


still life


beautiful, emotive, relaxing, mellow, thoughtful, slightly melancholic, touching & passionate guitar rock track with a hint of new york vibe to the chorus section. melodic guitar combine with lush strings & laid-back,groovy rhythms to make music suitable for dramatic,romantic,documentary,historic type projects




Cool beat-driven ambient electro-groover that has hypnotic piano lines crossing over with staccato organ and pizzicato strings. Full of contentment & discovery. Music to cruise round new york to.

3 Gemafreie Musiktitel
14 (GEMA-Repertoire)