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This is a progressive and touching track that gradually builds from a tender and emotive beginning to a grand and passionate climax. This track will suit many types of project due to its blend of strength and tenderness.

Authentischer, traditioneller Flamenco im 6/8tel Takt, der sich gut als Hintergrundmusik für Video (Urlaub, Dokumentation über Spanien) oder generell als Musik zum Vertonen eignet. Mit akustischer, spanischer Gitarre, unterstützt von Cajon, rhythmischem Händeklatschen (Palmas) und dezentem Bass. Melancholisch und leidenschaftlich.


Flamenco Dream


Gefühlvoller Flamenco (Rumba), der ruhig und leicht melancholisch beginnt und sich zu einem Vollblut Flamenco Song entwickelt, mit rassiger spanischer Akustik Gitarre, akustischem Bass, Kastagnetten, Hängeklatschen (Palmas), Shaker und Schlagzeug. Hervorragende Hintergrundmusik für Dokus über Spanien oder Mallorca.

Clean guitars with lots of reverb and delay create an open and airy feel to this progressive rock track. Later on, the piece builds with drums, more guitars and bass to a powerful and emotive climax. Aspirational, inspirational, hope, hopeful, emotional.


I've Found You


A gentle and poignant acoustic pop track. A piano lead is backed up by acoustic guitars, drums, soft synths and a beautiful violin section towards the end. Romantic and thoughtful with a feel of true love and happiness. Great for film, tv, commercials and more.

A modern pop, rock crossover track combining guitars, piano and synths, this track has a warm, friendly and universal appeal to it. Not to hard, not too soft, this blend is just right for those looking for something that has a little edge but doesn't take over too much.


the last ride


intense, upbeat, and inspirational melodic rock track with plenty of driving drums, passionate lead guitar, pulasting brass & dramatic strings. would suit action/thriller/sports type projects. anything that requires real energy

46 Gemafreie Musiktitel
142 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1          von 8