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11 tracks found with the tag "Cascading"

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
10 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Actually a dance track with a pulsating beat, but with a soft distorted synth guitar, harmonious breaks andcascading piano melodies. Many hooks, sometimes from the synth, sometimes from the piano, then again by the hendrix-like guitars.




Essentially a type of dance track with a pulsing beat and ... but one that has distorted 'guitar' like synth lines, breakdowns and soft cascading piano lines. Lots of melody hooks of different kinds ... from pianos, synths and hendrixy distorted electric guitars.

Slow, soft, peaceful , yearning and melancholic. Cascading synth pads keep the pulse going as Chinese violins and conventional string sections play restless melodies over the top. Would suit romantic film project. Contains synths, Chinese ehru violin, double bass, drums and percussion.




Ever wondered how it would 'sound' to wave to the love of your life off on a boat journey to the other side of the world, never to return? No, of course not but if you did it could sound like this. Contains violins, violas, cascading piano lines and melodies, hypnotic drums and a trancey synth bassline.

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
10 tracks, registered with a PRO