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11 tracks found with the tag "Irresistible"

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8 tracks, registered with a PRO

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' X '

Added on: 06.01.2017

Simply epic bouncy guitar groove based track that puts you in a trance with it's repetitive but irresistible and unstoppable beat. Heavy funk rock of a kind. Intense, catchy, melodic and at times, very heavy indeed. Like Black Sabbath jamming with the Mahavishnu Orchestra..with BB King playing along for good measure. There's even some bagpipes in the mid breakdown. What more could you possibly want?!


Xtra large


A huge groove mother of a track. Whammyed guitars start this giant monster bouncer, followed by an irresistible drum and bass groove. The chorus brings the real hook of the track, a monolithic bass figure backed by squelchy synth bass. Guaranteed to go repeatedly round your brain. Third time round the chorus has an insanely intense lead solo over the top. Features guitars, bass and drums.




Spacey, atmospheric and beaty. Synth pads and sequences fuse with broken beats and throbbing bass lines to make an irresistible filmic journey to cyber-oblivion. All aboard! Contains synths and drum units.




Hypnotic, spacey & fun synth-lead electro pop track with funky brass and clavinet in the chorus. The irresistible beat gets you moving & you just can't stop. the mid section takes on a different mood briefly as electric piano and trumpet take over the melodic colours.


The worm


Trancey synth sequences and an irresistible beat grab you straight away. Hypnotic Dance beats and fat bass lines add to the momentum as this tune gets moving...and once it starts, the impetus stays with you. Different synth pads and sequences come and go as the sonic tapestry is woven. Contains....yes.. synths...lots..and drums, too!

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
8 tracks, registered with a PRO