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14 tracks found with the tag "Santoor"

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14 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Added on: 06.01.2017

thoughtful, cinematic, emotive, dreamy, slightly melancholic & filmic piece with good forward momentum, containing exotic plucked santoor, string section & drum machine/drum loops. makes you sit back and think deep thoughts-about life, the universe & everything. how small we are in this vast galaxy




Slow, peaceful & spacey, piano-lead tune with a nice little motivated groove. Mixing with the simple piano lines lay plucked santoor and ethereal,suspense-filled synth pads. Would suit dramatic,mystery,thriller,documentary projects.



Added on: 06.01.2017

Spacey and ethereal track with soft dreamy piano lines crossing over hypnotic santoor arpeggios. Has a trance-like feel to it and makes time feel like it's standing still. The catchy chorus part brings soft simple vocal lines and lush strings. Would suit dramatic,romantic projects. Contains piano, synths, choirs, santoor and some lead guitar.



Added on: 06.01.2017

Fun and energetic dance track with very strong ethnic flavours: Indian vocal samples and percussion give this track real spirit, groove and life. Slightly hypnotic , spacey and with great drive. 'If music be the spice of life, then I will have a large one': Ravi Shakespeare. Contains vocals, sitars, santoor percussion, bass and drums.

Fun , motivating dancy track with a strong Arabian,ethnic flavor. Plucked santoors play eastern scales and funky rhythms over lush synth pads and fat bass&drums. Very catchy and light but with strong momentum. Climb aboard and soar high over the desert!




A truly modern take on of rhythms and scales laid down by ancient eastern music. An unusual hybrid of ali baba and james bond. Would suit a dance troupe project or anything that needs a big beat and dramatic structure. Contains some great sounds and hooky eastern melodies that will revolve round your brain for days. Contains synth bass and pads, eastern oboes, string section, santoor and drum machines.


Opium dream


Highly dramatic and filmic. Ethnic string instruments and rhythms combine with simple piano and strings. Very hypnotic and mysterious. One monster psychedelic trip, it goes through many changes. Contains santoor, sitar, strings, shenai oboe, drums, bass and vocal samples.




Imagine the sound of the desert as dusk slowly surrounds you. Persian santoor, violins and stroked sitar chord sweeps colour this dreamy track with strong eastern atmosphere. Hypnotic pizzicato strings enter and sweep you off into the night. Contains santoor, strings and sitar.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
14 tracks, registered with a PRO