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25 tracks found with the tag "Turning"

8 tracks, not registered with a PRO
17 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Like the awakening of an idea or the start of a great adventure, this bold orchestral piece grows from small beginnings to a huge striving precession that reaches a frantic conclusion at 1:00 returning to its original idea and finally to rest. Suitable for rites of passage sequences or the birth of ideas and on-going initiative.


Proving A Point

Added on: 13.03.2017

Electric pianos introduce a slightly sinister motif that opens out into a track that has a great deal of mystery and tension. Ideal for crime and thrillers, it has a more upbeat section which acts as though a breakthrough has been achieved before returning to the dark uncertainty.




A very brash and up-front techno, electronica track. Fast, almost manic. Frantic drums, twisting and turning synth patterns. Busy, frantic, high intensity, energetic. Good for action scene, sports, extreme sports, commercial, advertising, high energy on-screen presentations and more.


Daily Routine


Deep piano bass notes drive a prominent rhythm track forward whilst guitars growl to light and airy high arpeggio phrases. A piano chorus gives way to a more modern synth based section offering hope before returning to the drudgery and gloom.

Slightly odd feeling to this track of many parts. At first, chords fade in and out turning over against a light rhythm. More prominent drums join in as though in a practice session and then the piece intensifies to emerge in a loud concept-album psychedelic free rock style before drifting away again.

8 tracks, not registered with a PRO
17 tracks, registered with a PRO