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Hard hitting and dramatic, epic action music. Full orchestra, huge percussion, choir and a majestic, rousing, explosive sound. High drama, warfare, sci-fi or fantasy, etc. Also available in a 'no choir' mix as well as a 'rock mix'.

Strong and powerful, epic orchestral soundtrack with a driving groove that relentlessly pushes forward creating a feeling of extreme intensity and urgency. Featuring cinematic style production with an exciting, suspenseful buildup to a dramatic climax.




Powerfully grand & majestic rock track full of excitement and bristling energy & a sense of victory. Would suit any high energy sports,action,drama projects. Contains guitars, bass, drum, strings and organ.

Sehr kraftvoller, dominanter und diabolischer Orchester Track mit Chor Gesängen. Staccato, bedrohlich, genial, überwältigend und majestätisch. Live Orchester und Live-Chor kombiniert mit dem geschickten Einsatz von Samples erzeugt einem großartigen Sound, passend für jede Hollywood-Produktion. Geeignet für Trailer, Action, Krieg, sowie Kampfsportarten.


Sting in the tail


intense, powerful, driven, exciting, atmospheric, explosive, cinematic & highly dramatic modern rock track with strong eastern flavours in it's chords & percussion. spacey, exotic scales combine with big guitars & hefty driven drums. would suit action/thriller/travel/sports projects


Spy Fi


An upbeat secret agent inspired track with a fun and exciting retro vibe. Cool, groovy and sleek, with an espionage mood of mystery and intrigue that slowly ramps up to a big James Bond 007 guitar and brass chorus. Good for spy themed media projects.




Intense, dramatic, suspense-soaked, high energy, electro-rocker that mixes synth sequences with big guitars & monster, driven beats. exciting, passionate, dynamic & tension-filled. has a triumphant vibe of glorious victory and beating the odds. Would suit action,extreme sports,thriller type projects


Epic Voyage (DnB)


Epic orchestral soundtrack with a powerful driving groove that relentlessly pushes forward creating a feeling of extreme intensity and urgency. Featuring cinematic trailer-esque style production with an exciting, suspenseful buildup to a strong dramatic climax. Good for sports and action sequences.


Monster mashup


Dark, ominous, haunting, sinister, groovy track with modern hip-hop/ragga style vocal samples. beaty, eerie, motivated, epic & with a sense of foreboding. glorious, melodic, inspiring, very moody & cinematic. gradually gets more tense until the final, climactic & dramatic tidal wave where big guitars crash in.


Hit the switch


crazy, fast, chaotic, intense, powerful, raucous, driven, wild, adrenalised, frenzied, rocket-fuelled rock track with monster riffs & explosive drums. a brooding groovy intro leads to an all out sonic dynamic assault. would suit action/thriller/extreme sports/combat type projects. can you handle it?


give 'em hell


powerful, intense, dramatic, gritty, gutsy, grungey rock track with great energy and determination. epically huge chugged guitar riffs combine with doggedly driving drums to make dynamic, passionate rock music with a sense of invincibilty. suitable for action/extreme sports/thriller type projects.


fire it up


cool, groovy, powerful, sleazey, meaty, beaty, big & bouncy rock track. irresistable driven drum feel & intense, monster heavy guitars pump up the adrenaline. would suit action/thriller/extreme sports projects


black marauders


exciting, epic, bouncy, driven, intense, dark, powerful & explosive stadium metal track full of tension, drama & mean forward momentum & energy. gritty, weighty, muscular & melodic. would suit action/thriller/extreme sports/fighting type projects.

7 Gemafreie Musiktitel
76 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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