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Joyous, Feel-Good, Celebrative Mid-tempo Orchestral piece with Beach Boys-like Choir... Trumpet and Violin Riffs... an Arpeggio-like Baseline supporting an Energetic Steady Drum beat accentuating riffs and transitions with Lush Cymbal Swells all culminating in a round for normal choir and "Beach Boys."


Classic Dance


A big Orchestral Cluster Swirl-up draws us into a Groovy symphonic dance drumbeat carrying a strong, happy, almost epic celebratory melody with hints of Beach Boys - something fantastic has finally been achieved - a Tribute to Victory or that Summer and Vacation are finally here again: time for the beach

This tracks blends vintage rock / classic rock sounds with modern styles of playing, similar to the way ‘The Black Keys’ do, The massive drum sounds and screaming lead guitars bring energy to the piece making it perfect for men's shows, masculine type presentations, Big boys with big toys, Lots of attitude,


Bad Ass Strut


Classic boogie rock / blues rock / rock'n roll, Moderately energetic, with attitude, Big boys with big toys, Simple but effective guitar riff with drums and bass, 100% live recording, Beer drinkers only,


Urge To Merge


Battle readying cowboys & Indians music with thick atmosphere ominous pads, heavy, driving tribal rhythm track, distant shamanic vocal chants, Native American Lakota flute calls, & thunderous bass pulses. Good 4 westerns, tribal, travel, dark ethnic themes, nature docs & hot, fire desert scenes.

6 tracks, not registered with a PRO
26 tracks, registered with a PRO
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