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Starts out with terror/nightmare pads/chords to set up the atmosphere. Soon, hybrid/synthetic drums come in for an erotic, supercharged, sinister feeling. Ends up evolving into a sort of new age/ambient electronic piece with a cool under-current groove and Native American Flute calls. Long and unique

This joyous, rousing and boisterous theme evokes an athletic atmosphere charged with jubilation and national pride such as a large gathering, wide open space or sports event. A solid underscore for narratives, title sequences, scene setting, commentary, background and factual information. Glorious, victorious. Sports / events / celebrations. The track will easily blend with Champions Of Africa Tournament to create an entire themed programme package.


High Voltage


This track is charged up with electricity. Many of the used sounds were recorded directly at experiments with high voltage, lightning – pure energy! I you're searching for power anda vigorous sound with driving beats – you've found it.


live wire


Intense, monster super-charged modern blues stomper with lots of vintage [and modern] guitar sounds, vocal samples & an undeniably pumping, driving groove. crazy delta/gospel/rock hybrid. irresistably foot-tapping and uplifting. motivate yourself to greatness & get your mojo workin'


You Can Love


Upbeat and loving trance-pop track with emotional strings, reverbed piano, simple beats and all layered with big trance synths! This track has a Euro feel to it and also has a touching and heartfelt tone. Would suit emotionally charged spots where a quick track is needed or Night Clubs, sports.

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO