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Flamenco Dream


Gefühlvoller Flamenco (Rumba), der ruhig und leicht melancholisch beginnt und sich zu einem Vollblut Flamenco Song entwickelt, mit rassiger spanischer Akustik Gitarre, akustischem Bass, Kastagnetten, Hängeklatschen (Palmas), Shaker und Schlagzeug. Hervorragende Hintergrundmusik für Dokus über Spanien oder Mallorca.

 This track is perfect for a commercial spot with its friendly, upbeat and positive nature. Piano leads the track with light stabs accompanied by hand claps, ukelele, glockenspiel and mandolin. The track creates a wonderfully friendly atmosphere and is available in full, 1min & 30sec. Popular in ads!

Featuring tight punchy rock drums, memorable rhythms and melodies, this track will bring positive vibes to any project, The vintage sounding drums and guitars add to the overall vibe making it extremely like-able, With hand claps and stick smacks, Quirky and fun,

cool, exciting, positive, motivating, soulful, powerful, lively, passionate and driven blues-rock groover. big guitars, vocal samples, crowd handclaps & pumping drums combine to make music suitable for car/beer/liquor/cologne commercials or sports/action/thriller type projects.

13 Gemafreie Musiktitel
5 (GEMA-Repertoire)